Interactive PowerPoint Games for ESL Students


Do you ever have trouble getting your students to speak in class?

Maybe you’re learning about giving directions, or using modal verbs, or simple phonics, and it’s a struggle to get your students to speak or remember what they’ve learned?

Well look no further! I was browsing the Internet for fun games and activities to use with my students to encourage more speaking and participation during class, and I found a good ESL discussion board site that had many PowerPoint games designed for kids. is an ESL discussion board site based in Korea and offers many tips and other kinds of information for teachers in Korea (but also serves as a bases for ESL teachers all over Asia).

The game templates have different themes such as Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh, Doraemon, and more. They are full of fun images and some even have music and animation from the game/series to keep your students engaged.  The templates are blank with instructions on the first slide about how to add questions, or change images, etc. I’ve tried them out with a couple of my classes, and the kids love them!

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Ten End-of-the-year Activities for Students

credit: google images

credit: google images

It’s that time of the year when everything comes to an end. Students take final exams; teachers grade those exams; final grades are submitted to administration, and report cards are sent out. For both ESL and mainstream classrooms, it’s a hectic time as May ends and summer begins. Now, some countries continue school until the end of June or July, but in other countries (the U.S., for example), school ends in May. Continue reading

How to Write an Essay for ESL Students (and Teachers)


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This month, my academy will hold an essay competition for our students. We will provide a variety of topics for our students to choose from. Each class, grades one to five, will write an essay or paragraph according to their abilities and appropriate level (with the teacher’s instruction). So, that brings to mind the question… Continue reading

Ten Common Mistakes ESL Teachers Make in the Classroom (And How to Fix Them)

Nobody is perfect. That’s the truth. It’s the same for doctors, lawyers, parents, students, and teachers. Nobody likes making mistakes. Big or small, mistakes can kill self-esteem, loom over our heads like some grim reaper created out of our own idiocy. In a classroom, teachers often make mistakes early on in their careers; veteran teachers make mistakes, too.


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