Four Thanksgiving Activities for ESL Students


Next Thursday, in the United States anyway, is Thanksgiving Day. It’s a day where the President “pardons” a turkey, people get together with family and celebrate what they’re thankful for (and watch football). This Thanksgiving will be an interesting one in light of the recent Presidential election. I imagine some [families] will get into arguments and ruin the event for everyone. Hopefully that doesn’t happen.

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Halloween Activities for ESL Students!


Credit: A Nightmare Before Christmas


It’s almost Halloween, which means costumes, candy, and fun activities!! It’s always fun to dress up in different costumes and be someone (or something) else for once! Traditional monsters such as ghosts, vampires, zombies, or skeletons are great! But newer characters such as superheroes, cowboys, or aliens are also popular, too!

Halloween is also great for developing your ESL students’ vocabulary and speaking skills. They can talk about what scares them, or what monsters they know. There are other fun activities you can do, too! I’ve found too great sites that have wonderful activities: FluentU and BusyTeacher! I’ve chosen a few from each site to share. Let’s look at them of them below!

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